Wearing A Dress As A Man

June 2022

New month, new newsletter baby! This one might be considered a controversial one but who cares :)) 

Buckle up and get ready, this month's topics are:

  • Wearing a Dress As a Man - Masculinity & Femininity Rant

  • End Of A School-Year Solidarity Phenomenon

  • How I Mastered Cold Showering (It's actually enjoyable)

Wearing a Dress As a Man - Masculinity & Femininity Rant

This is an entry from my journalling book this month.

Message me your thoughts about it :) - Did I miss anything? Any illogical arguments? Something unclear?

Biologically speaking men have higher testosterone and women have higher oestrogen.

Not talking about gender, just biology here.

The character traits associated with having higher testosterone levels include assertiveness, (sexual) aggressiveness, disagreeableness, taking risks, competitiveness…

The character traits associated with having higher oestrogen levels include love (increases oxytocin), anxiety, depression, empathy, holistic thinking, being social, mood swings…

Testosterone is also linked to building muscle and oestrogen is linked to building fat.

Both play an evolutionary role here.

So masculine traits are traits that males usually portray thanks to their higher testosterone levels and feminine traits are traits that females usually portray thanks to their higher oestrogen levels.

This being said, that doesn’t mean that if you portray feminine traits you are a woman and if you portray masculine traits you are a man.

Your traits or ‘energy’ is in a range of a standard distribution curve.

So only at the extremes will you not see any men or women.

But most people are in the middle of the curve.

Also, if having a career is what a person desires they’ll learn along the way that masculine traits will help them a lot since it's highly competitive.

So they build those traits.

That’s one way how you get dominant females, of course not the only way.

So do clothes have anything to do with masculinity or femininity?

It might, I haven’t seen any males with high testosterone (aka masculine) wear a dress before.

Might have something to do with social status since they're very driven people, wanting to succeed thanks to their testosterone levels.

And a dress will objectively hinder that.

Also, a dress doesn't accentuate the physical masculine traits, the Dorito's figure (wide shoulders & narrow hips), which you are more inclined to get with high testosterone.

A dress accentuates the physical feminine traits, hourglass figure (wide hips, thin waist), which you are more inclined to get with high oestrogen.

Is it wrong to wear a dress as a male?

Hell no, do whatever you want but it isn’t masculine.

It is courageous as fuck though.

Do men need to be masculine?

Hell no, again standard distribution curve.

A lot of men will be more feminine than a lot of women are and vice versa.

But please don’t confuse being feminine and having the courage/strength to own that, with being masculine.

End note:

A negative correlation exists between wearing dresses and being successful in the dominance hierarchy.

Men want success in the dominance hierarchy since it'll lead to more mating opportunities and life satisfaction.

So higher testosterone -> more masculine traits -> success in dominance hierarchy -> more mating opportunities

My conclusion:

Dresses don’t go along with success in dominance hierarchies so men with masculine traits don’t wear them.

So if masculine people don’t wear them, then feminine people might, hence dresses aren’t masculine but feminine.

Let me know your thoughts by replying to this email :)

End Of School-Year Solidarity Phenomenon

It's weird, there always is some kind of solidarity between all the students at the end of the year.

Doesn't matter if you didn't get along very well or if you didn't talk much.

The solidarity is there.

Everyone is in the same boat.

For context, the school system in Belgium is utterly fucked to put it lightly.

End-of-year exams are almost all that matter, if you get above 55% closing the 60%, you're doing well. 

The 95% you can achieve in other countries is nearly impossible over here.

And if you do achieve more than that, they usually will bump you up a year.

So everyone is stressing their eyes out during the exam period since (almost) everyone has a real chance of failing and having to do the year over again.

During that period everyone is equal (of course, you still have the annoying smartasses who can still achieve 85% on everything with ease but they are rare).

And after the exams, everyone is in the same boat with the stress of did I pass?

It's funny to see this since I'm not exaggerating, this awful school period brings students together in some sense.

And this solidarity will probably occur the entirety of my next year since it'll be my last year in high school.

And other people have noticed that weirdly everyone during that time comes together too. 

They realise it's their last year and probably will never see most of those faces again

How I Mastered Cold Showering (It's actually enjoyable)

Just do it.

That's it.

No fancy-ass explanation.

I've been doing cold showers since January 2022 and only now can I go under it and not tense up at all anymore.

Just showering like normal, but the water is ice cold.

You can master it much faster than I, since, in the beginning, I didn't even try to not be tense.

Every time you turn that shower knob to the cold side and show your disciplinary skills, you need to try and not tense your muscles for as long as you can. 

Treat it like it's a rep in the gym, one curl = one period of time not being tense under the shower.

Why the heck would someone cold shower in the first place?

Well, the short answer is that it's beneficial in every sense to do it.

  • It builds your discipline

  • helps muscle recovery

  • increases energy

  • increases blood-flow

  • healthier skin

  • makes the circulatory system more efficient

  • ...

I'll write a no bs guide to showering with applicable tips to make it easier.

Stay tuned for that.

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