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October 2022 - Interviewed + Founded a Start-Up?

Got Interviewed at World AI Summit & Joined a Start-Up??

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  • The Driven Loser

  • Got Interviewed at World AI Summit

  • Founded a Start-Up??

The Driven Loser

I'll be writing a Medium article on this.

You guys will be getting a premier here :) 

The rise of successful people promising that you can achieve financial freedom just like them is unprecedented.

You can find a million courses on how to make money online.

They're selling the dream.

Anyone can make it,

but not everyone.

Imagine a teenage boy who sees these success stories and courses on social media.

He watches motivational TikToks everyday.

He gets shit done.

But oh wait, he doesn't have the energy today.

No problem.

"Let's put on a motivational speech of David Goggins", he says.

Some people just lack the sheer discipline to work. 

They rely on motivation to get shit done.

Some days they work, other days they just procrastinate.

Enter, the Driven Loser.

The Loser who wants to change their life through self improvement.

Finally making some progress.

And then quitting.

I see it everywhere.

They think they can make €10k a month in less than a year. 

Sure, that's possible. 

But are they working 14h a day?

Maybe in the beginning.

But after a while?

They quit.

So they're not gonna make it in less than a year, or ever.

It's a hard pill to swallow;

the sheer amount of work you need to do every day.

Got Interviewed at World AI Summit

Here's my LinkedIn post with cool pictures of the event :)

I got free tickets to the biggest AI event of the year.

It was my first ever event, and I loved it, even though I'm not an AI nerd ;)

Met so many cool people and companies there.

Definetely worth skipping school for 😎

Don't tell my teachers ;)

Founded a Start-Up??

So last year for a competition a few people, including me, started a company idea. 

The other's kept working on it after the competition, I left.

It was an AI company, not my niche.

I started learning more about web3 and have been going in that direction ever since.

They wanted me back since they needed a non-AI nerd too.

So I've officially joined Synthesia. 

I'll be in charge of the business side including; branding, pitching, web development, financials, ...

Yea web development too, I'm still a nerd shush.

In short, we're developing a new method of detecting diseases such as Alzheimer's.

(Yes, I'm saying we as if I'm developing the AI too, which I'm obviously not :) )

This method will be approx 550x cheaper than the status quo. 

I'll update you guys on the progress :) 

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