Lost 99.9991% Of Crypto Holdings In 4 Days

April/May 2022

Monthly Newsletter April/May 2022

I know right, the new theme is much better, thanks for noticing. New theme, new content. So I'll be minimising the amount of sh*t on my newsletters from now on.

This month's topics are:

  • Crypto down by 99.9991% In 4 Days

  • Monk Mode

  • Can't Hurt Me - David Goggins

Crypto Down By 99.9991% In 4 Days

More specifically, a stablecoin crashed.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies the value of which is pegged, or tied, to that of another currency, commodity or financial instrument. Stablecoins aim to provide an alternative to the high volatility of the most popular cryptocurrencies


$UST - one of the largest (algorithmically backed) stablecoins in the world (worth ~$18B at its peak) depegged from 1 dollar.

How? Here's an excellent Twitter thread fully explaining how it happened. Here's my attempt to explain it to you guys :)

To all the nerds who know the details, yes I know I'm skipping over some arguably important stuff but this is pretty much the gist of what happened.

At first, it depegged to about 0.60 USD, which doesn't sound as much, but it caused distrust in its peg.

People started to panic sell, so UST went all the way down to 0.1 USD, which caused LUNA and the whole crypto market, including BTC, to crash. LUNA is how UST stays pegged to the dollar.

Many people, me included, had their money invested in LUNA because if UST became more popular, the value of LUNA would skyrocket since that's how the algorithm worked.

But that also works in reverse, if the popularity of UST would go down, LUNA would plummet. And it did. LUNA went down 99.9991% in 4 days.

Hurts to see since I didn't sell, whoops. Lost a shit ton of money. However, I am still grateful for having this kind of an experience early on. It's important to see the other side of investing as well.

Monk Mode

I've decided to do another challenge, not a one-off challenge like the 500 push-ups in one day. No, this time I will be going Monk Mode.

Monk mode is a trendy challenge/lifestyle going around the self-improvement space on youtube. It's designed to get your self-improvement journey to new unseen heights.

So it's made out of non-negotiables & other variables.

The non-negotiables are daily exercise (min. 30 minutes), daily meditation (min. 10 minutes) & no weed/alcohol.

The only thing that'll be changing in my routine is daily exercise. The others stuff I'm already doing consistently.

The other variables could be:

  • No caffeine

  • Stick to diet

  • Pray x times a day

  • Do 'x' amount of x type' of outreach.

  • Screen time of less than 'x' per day.

  • Delete Instagram of phone & computer.

  • ...

The ones I'm doing for my monk mode are:

  • 1 no caffeine day a week (to reset my dependency)

  • read everyday (a book)

  • No Instagram/TikTok (already in my routine)

Can't Hurt Me - David Goggins

Finally finished listening to this book, and dang was it good. Summaries won't do justice, just listen to the audiobook yourself. You can get it for free on audible, so no excuses :))

The last 4 chapters were insane. This Navy Seal mf ran on broken legs, ran on toes w frostbite, ran 100+ mile races, got through Ranger School as a leader, all with a hole in his heart.

Yes, a literal hole. After finding that out he had surgery and did all those races again with 'ease'.

And on top of that, he broke the pull up record with 4,030 pull ups in under 24 hours. A mad man. Nothing else to say. He's such an inspiration.

This book is a must read/listen