You can be anything you want, but not everything you want. - I landed two paid jobs??

January 2023

Listen up people!

It's a new year and time to set some goals.

We all make these lists of things we want to achieve, but let's face it, how often do we actually follow through on them all?

This year, let's change that by making a better list.

No wishy washy new years resolutions this time.

I challenge you to be specific and direct with your goals.

Write them down.

Don't settle for mediocrity.

Focus on what matters and cut out the rest.

I had to do this this month, and it wasn't easy, but it was necessary.

I was simply trying too much.

  • Already waking up at 5am every day (weekends 6am)

  • Microplanning my days so that I can squeeze every minute

  • Automating stuff like school work so that I don't spend too much time on stuff that doesn't bring me closer to my goals

Only thing that worked this month was cutting and prioritising.

Putting the gym on hold, for example, allowed me to focus on more important things.

This allowed me to land two paid jobs this month.

You heard that right.

They aren't full time positions or anything, just two projects.

Still a huge win in my eyes :)

Don't let this be an excuse to stop caring about your health.

I still try to supplement the gym as well as I can.

Is it enough?

Not really, but it's better than nothing.

You can be anything you want, but not everything you want.

You can't be half-assing at everything.

Pick a handful of things and solely focus on those.

It's all about prioritising and focusing on what's important to you at this moment.

So, what are your priorities and what are you going to do to achieve them right now?

How to not be a slave to your mind and desires.

I also wanted to share a book I've been reading, "It's Never Finished" by David Goggins.

For those of you who have read his first book, "Can't Hurt Me", think of it as the bachelor's degree to taking control of your mind.

This new one takes it to a whole new level, it's like the master's degree.

I highly recommend giving it a read.

I'll post some takeaways next month for you guys :)

So, let's make this year count. You've got this.

Stay hard,