I quit. + Huge Announcement (Save €1500)

No monthly newsletters, No university, Check the announcement to see what I'm doing :)

I know, it’s been a while.

I decided not to do monthly newsletters anymore, instead, I’ll update you guys whenever I have something to say :).

And believe me, you’ll want to read this one.

It’s been a hell of a few months.

Check the announcement if you want to save €1500.


  • I finished school; No uni for me :)

  • I finished my first Internship

  • Huge Announcement (Save €1500)!

  • Stoopid challenge; 100 Burpees every day for a week

Finishing school

I graduated high school.

And that’s it for my formal educational journey 🙂 

I refuse to go to university.

That doesn’t mean I’m not learning every single day.

I’d even argue I’m learning more.

I self-educate.

I’m not going to waste 4 years of my life pursuing a degree.

To then afterwards having to work effectively for free for the first couple of years.

To then having to commit my entire career in that field.

Because I spent 4 years studying for it.

I’d rather work first.

Then after my financials are where I want them to be, I’ll study what interests me at the best place possible.

That might be uni, or not. Depends.


I started a digital marketing internship at a start-up in July.

It was fun.

I’m still developing my copywriting skills and this was a nice opportunity to sharpen my sword.

The biggest thing I got to do was to design/strategise and execute the Black Friday marketing campaign 👀

Definitely learnt a lot in the 3 months I worked there.

Huge Announcement!

Started a Web Development Agency.

Combining my digital marketing knowledge, understanding of human psychology and coding skills to create the best website possible in the shortest timeframe ever.

I only take 3 clients to ensure quality and speed.


You’ll get the 1 page website (€1500 of value) for free.

If you get the Ultimate Leads Manager alongside with it.

What’s in the package:

  • You can reply to all messages from social media accounts, email, SMS, … from 1 inbox. + Automatically book an appointment through chat.

  • Additional add-on: Let a custom-trained AI-Model reply (or suggest replies) to customers’ questions.

  • A fully integrated calendar booking system

  • Customer profiles

  • Create & Manage marketing campaigns (Email and 2-Way-SMS)

  • Social Media Post Scheduler

  • Manage Affiliate Marketing

  • Form builder

  • Workflow automations

  • Call tracking

🎁FREE BONUS (€69.99/month):

  • A system which ensures more 4-5 star reviews and hides future 1-3 star reviews from your public pages

  • Website Hosting

  • SSL Certificate

All that for €297/month and a free website.

Deal of a lifetime.

Act fast, I only take 3 clients at a time.

Shoot me a message if you’re interested.

Check out the website :)

Stoopid challenge

Soo …
… I did 100 burpees every day for a week.

And underestimated it.

I can do 200 push-ups easily in 30minutes.

So 100 push-ups with a “break in between” (the jump)? Easy.

I thought I’d complete the 100 burpees in 15 minutes.

The first time I tried, I did it in just over 30 minutes.

7 days later I completed the 100 burpees in just over 9 minutes.

Did my physical ability change?


Actually, I’d even argue it declined since I didn’t have any rest days :).

So the 21-minute improvement came purely from:

  1. Knowing I could / should do better

  2. I kept going.

The longest break I took on day 7 was 30s between 10 burpees.

I rationalised in the beginning that I ‘needed’ more time.

I ‘needed’ the rest.


Old habits die hard.

PS: If you know anyone interested in a Custom Website or the Bonus Gifts shoot me a message!